Business Law

There is a myriad of statutes, regulations and court opinions governing all businesses…not to mention the ones aimed at specific business sectors. Are you personally ready to protect yourself? You’re the expert on your own business. Certainly you’ve learned something about the network of laws that applies to your business. But are you capable of interpreting and navigating that mess on an ongoing basis?

I have seen many businesses flourish or fail depending on how well they are organized…from the start and continuing through everyday operation. Because I want to see clients succeed, I provide the following valuable business counseling services to clients:

Business Operation & Compliance Counseling
Formation of Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs and Joint Ventures
Corporate Governance
Stock & Asset Purchases, Divestitures & Sales
Reorganizations & Mergers
Enterprise Dissolutions & Accounting Actions
Shareholder Agreements (“Buy-Sell” Agreements)
Business Succession Planning
Employment and Consulting Contracts
Real Property Transactions & Leases
Trademark & Copyright Applications
Commercial Litigation
Mediation Services