My Promise

My Promise to Clients

After several years of litigating cases, designing transactions and performing deals on behalf of clients, I’ve certainly learned that I cannot guarantee what others are going to do. I can, however, tell you what I will and will not do.

I will…

Make every effort to know you, your employees, your industry and your business.
Constantly consider the value I’m providing you.
Communicate with you to the best of my ability, responding to emails and telephone calls within 24 hours, if not sooner.
Give you as much information as is available to me concerning the legal processes involved and the associated costs.
Provide you with understandable billing, and for hourly matters, detailed descriptions showing the dates, services provided, time spent, applicable rate and line-item cost.
Approach each matter with an appreciation for your investment, risks and bottom line.
Make every effort to resolve disputes in a cost-effective and expeditious manner.
Offer my services at the most competitive rates.
Always be open to billing and payment arrangements that make sense for all concerned.
Always consider refunds to the extent you believe my word has failed.
Continue to make improvements in my operating procedures and this website.
Keep our relationship and the information I gain from it confidential.
Always be open to suggestions on how I might better serve you.
Be honest with you and, sometimes, tell you things you may not want to hear.

I will not…

Bill you for every minute, every telphone call or every email!

In other worlds, I will provide you with legal services that are practical & realistic, affordable & cost-effective, and expeditious & easy for you.