Firm History

A Full-Service Law Firm Focusing On Matters in Business, Internet, Computer & Technology and Real Estate & Development

Experienced. Progressive. Effective.

I formed The JULIAN LAW Firm in early 2009 to do what I do and like best: serve clients by providing strong, valuable advice. As an experienced attorney and businessman, with more than 17 years of experience as counselor, client, stakeholder, manager and executive, I think I’m especially good at that. I graduated in 1988 from the University of Chicago and earned a Juris Doctor from DePaul University College of Law in 1992. Upon graduation from law school, I worked three years in the legal department at Waste Management, Inc., followed by five years as a senior associate at loop law firm Adler, Murphy & McQuillen. Thereafter, I spent the next seven years developing my own practice, before taking a position as Vice President & General Counsel with a long-standing client and ultimately forming this firm…Now, I bring a unique perspective to business clients, having practiced in Fortune 500 companies, small privately held corporations, larger law firms and in my own practice.

A Wealth of Knowledge in Legal Areas that Matter to You

Since the start of my career, I’ve gained expertise in other areas of the law that touch on internet-based businesses, including: extensive experience in business organization, commerce, compliance, contracts, litigation, and regulatory frameworks. All along the way, I have represented many entrepreneurs and small businesses in the technology industry, amassing an awareness of the benefits and pitfalls of the internet and technology.

A Track Record of Broad Internet Knowledge

I’m not just an experienced attorney who knows a little something about the internet. I was practicing when the internet was a less than a vague concept to many attorneys…when those who had internet access used dial-up and could watch the page load while they grabbed another cup of coffee…when small companies shared one email address and paid per minute or per transaction for time spent on the web….and when there was no such thing as an “internet attorney.”

In my service to you, you will find:

A breadth of legal and practical skill
The ability to absorb relevant technical data and industry concepts, and apply them to legal frameworks
The habitual use of business-sensitive approaches achieving desirable results
The keenest emphasis on a high-level of customer service and satisfaction
Pragmatic resolution of complex disputes
An understanding of the challenges facing small business
An appreciation of your own expertise and what you do
Outstanding problem-solving skills
Frequent, useful and understandable communications…