Internet & Technology

The Internet…”The Web”…”The Information Super-Highway”…Over the past twenty years, the Internet has certainly exploded, affording the world with ready access to seemingly endless information, and has created unlimited and dynamic business opportunities. Because information is power, the Internet has also provided increasingly numerous opportunities for abuse…identity theft…fraud…infringement…This sad result has caused our government to address these abuses in several ways through a specialized framework of law: statutes, regulations, regulatory rulings and case law. The Julian Firm provides affordable, cost-effective legal representation to internet clients…Let me help you “Untangle the Web.”

E-commerce Merchants
On-Line Lead Generation
Affiliate Marketers
Web-Based Businesses
Earn-at-Home Enterprises

In many years of practice, certain doctrines of law have become second-nature. Here are those practice areas touching businesses that rely on the internet to survive, and the areas in which this firm offers professional service:

Contracts – Licensing, Strategic Partnerships & Ventures
Compliance – Privacy, Security, Consumer Protection, Archiving
Trademark & Copyright
Domain Registration & Challenges
Business Formation, Operation & Governance
Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Discovery Defense
Fraud & Deceptive Practices
Libel & Defamation